The Exterminators

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Exterminators Tippy Teen.png
Beatle-esque band from the "On With The Show" story of comic book Tippy Teen #1 (November 1965).

Their latest song is "I Got a New Belt For My Birthday and Now I'm Black and Blue." So, some sort of tribute to domestic violence, there.

Their hair is just wigs, which they take off so they can sneak into town without getting mobbed by fans. Tippy helps them get to their hotel, but then accidentally knocks Sidney cold, and the rest of the band gets Tippy to take his place for the concert, because: "All you have to do is scream after each chorus we sing! That's all Sidney does, anyway!" Way to throw Sidney under the bus, guys. Also, they don't seem to have a drummer.


  • Buzz
  • Biff
  • Brad
  • Sidney

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