The Dropouts (Wally Gropius)

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Dropouts Wally Gropius.png
Band from the oddball comic Wally Gropius by Tim Hesley, originally run in alt comics mag Mome and collected into a single volume Wally Gropius (Fantagraphics, 2010). Protagonist Wally is a teenage millionaire and loose, post-modern parody of old 1960s Richie Rich-type comic books and drawn in that style. Occasionally Wally has this band with three seemingly identical bandmates.


  • Wally Gropius
  • Fred
  • Red
  • Ed

Interview with, 2010:

Newsarama: What do you think the Dropouts sound like?

Hensley: Maybe an all-male version of the Shaggs, just as Bell Biv Devoe were the gender complement to TLC, or completely silent pantomime.

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