The Breathe Easies

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Puppet trio and "the world's most famous and (only) asthma-rock band..." from a 2013 website and online ad campaign about asthma by the E.P.A. and the Ad Council. The Barbarian Group conceived the campaign, and studio Buck did the design and execution.

Nerf Herder member and composer/performer of Internet meme songs like "Nom Nom Nom" Parry Gripp was hired to write their catchy songs.

The real question is WHAT are the members. Choons is a turntable, Tuuli might be some kind of a dust mop, but Bello appears to be some kind of IKEA knick-knack come to horrifyingly yet adorable life.

Their manager is Goldie the goldfish.


  • "Clean Up the Mold"
  • "Don't Smoke in the House"
  • "Vacuum Up the Floor"

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