The All Mouse Symphony and Chorus

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From the 1957 Disney 45rpm record Walt Disney's Christmas Concert. Conducted by Ludwig Mousensky, the voices were sped-up, a trick Disney used for the mice in Cinderella (1950). The record came with a booklet identifying many of the members:

  • Squeeky, violin
  • Zeke, trumpet
  • Horace, bass fiddle
  • Henrietta, harp
  • Tubby, tuba
  • Tootie, flute
  • Clarence. clarinet
  • Pinky, trombone
  • Stuffy, bells
  • Zooty, kettle drums
  • Hans, harmonica
  • Fritz, harmonica
  • Otto, harmonica
  • Pee Wee, basson
  • Frenchy, french horn
  • Nine member chorus, all unidentified.