Stone Blossoms

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Mega-popular and successful rock band from the 1970s, from the 2001 mystery novel Ruby Tuesday by Baron R. Birtcher. Someone stole the tapes of their last album, Lifeline, seemingly causing leader Harley Angell to commit suicide in 1977. But, of course, it was murder, really, 'cause it always is.

Possibly the band's name is a combination of real band names Stone Roses and Gin Blossoms.


  • Harley Angell, leader
  • Kevin Demers, drums
  • Danny Webb, guitar
  • Christopher Morton, lead singer
  • Lyle Sparks, bass

Drugs had fueled an escalating battle of egos among the band's creative forces, of which Harley himself was preeminent. The group's other songwriting team, lead singer Christopher Morton and guitarist Danny Webb, had been in a constant state of war with Angell over whose songs would go on the album. The arguments were arbitrated by their producer, Tom Foster.

As the record neared completion, though, it looked like the final product would consist of seven songs penned by Harley Angell, two by Morton and Webb, and one by bassist Lyle Sparks.

It was supremely ironic, he thought, that the same creative energy that had propelled Stone Blossoms to five consecutive multi-platinum albums- the two most recent setting world-wide sales records- was turning out to be the catalyst to the band's self-destruction. Harley Angell's talent had brought them here, and petty jealousy was threatening to tear them apart.

Combined, the last two albums alone had sold more than 55 million copies. Songwriting and publishing royalties alone were worth over $1.5 million per song at those sales levels. It was no wonder that battles were waged where album content was concerned.

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