Stephen Orlac

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Famous classical pianist who is the focus of Maurice Renard's 1920 horror novel Les Mains d'Orlac (The Hands of Orlac). After Orlac loses his hands in a railway accident, he gets transplants from an executed killer. After some mysterious events he begins to fear the hands are making him a killer as well.

The novel has been adapted into film several times:

  • Orlacs Hände (1924), aka The Hands of Orlac, a German film which renames him Paul Orlac (Conrad Veidt)
  • Mad Love (1935), played by Colin Clive
  • The Hands of Orlac (1960), played by Mel Ferrer.
  • Hands of a Stranger (1962), which renames him Vernon Paris (James Stapleton) and is a looser adaptation

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