Sammy Starfish

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From the animated kids' show Oswald. Anthropomorphic, fedora and bowtie-clad singing starfish who hosts his own television variety show. He sings, swings, and slings slang like a Rat Pack era Frank Sinatra.

He gives a concert in Big City, and Oswald is last in line after holding places for his friends and doesn't get a ticket cause they're sold out. Then he helps a worker move a piano onto the stage and ends up playing for him.

Sammy's drummer is a squid.

Madame Butterfly mentions one his songs, "What's New Kittycat."

The Bunny Quartet performed on his show. Performance not shown.

Starfish also appeared briefly on TV in the "Sleepover" episode (Original Air Date: Aug 28, 2001).

Starfish also appeared briefly on TV in the "I Guess You Never Know" episode (Original Air Date: , 2001).

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