Pig Svendsen and his Hot Trotters

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Danish Dixieland jazz band mentioned in passing, in the 1969 novel Great Heads by Kenneth Tindall. The novel was originally published in a Danish translation as Vindharpen in 1967. They're playing the Folk Treat club Wednesday and are loud.

The public got noisy before he could really get started. They were young and a little drunk. So Herman had to clamber back up again and give them the word.

"Now, we'll have to have a little more quiet in here. Anybody who can't keep quiet while the artists are performing will he asked to leave and come back on Wednesday, when Club Creole will have 'Pig' Svendsen and his Hot Trotters playing Dixieland, because nobody can make more noise than them. In case you don't already know it, Billie D. Stonecipher is rising fast in the folk-music scene, and in a year or two he'll be completely out of our price range. So enjoy him while you can."

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