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Pizzicatto Peter Nyoka the Jungle Girl.png
American composer from the "Jungle Rhythms of Death Part 1: The Stampede of the Pachyderms" story of comic book Nyoka the Jungle Girl #29 (March 1949). He's referred to as a "brilliant young composer" despite his head full of gray hair.

He's living in New York City and suffering from writer's block when his friend Larry and Nyoka invite him to vacation with them in the jungles of Africa. Getting almost trampled to death by elephants inspires him to beat on an old stump and make "strange new jungle rhythms." Unfortunately, nearby natives think it's a new tribe's war drums and attack.

In "The Jungle Rhythms of Death, Part II: All Reet," Nyoka hurts her mouth and can't whistle to summon her pet zebraphant to get them out of there, so Pizzicatto makes a reed flute to duplicate her special whistle.

Larry, Nyoka, and Pizzacatto escape on the zebraphant, and Pizzicatto is so full of new musical ideas, he composes while escaping on its back! And gives a new successful concert back in New York only several weeks later! That's not long enough, mister comic book writer!

Also, pet zebraphant!

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