Patent pumpkin tubes

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Unspecified fictional instrument used in the bombastic symphony (opus 8421) by fictional composer/conductor Horridnoise, in the far flung future of 1995, from the satirical review "The Symphony in 1995," by K. King, published in 1885, in music magazine The Etude, November 1885 (Volume 03, Number 11).

It seems to be some variant on a pipe organ. It must be a recent invention, since it's still under patent.

From the fiftieth to the fifty-sixth movement occurs the great diminuendo passage of the composition, the idea being to portray the gradual sinking from sight of all that is objectionable. There are to be found some very fine fugue passages for the patent pumpkin tubes, and the termination of this leads us to the fifty-sixth, with the duo for two immense flutes — each played by twenty-four men.

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