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Small-time hippie rock band from the "The Werewolf of Woodstock" episode (January 24, 1975) of anthology TV series The Wide World of Mystery. Set shortly after the Woodstock festival, this quintet has the great idea to go record their demo on the now-abandoned Woodstock stage, so they can say "recorded live at Woodstock" and get some attention. Nice gag. Unfortunately for them, hippie-hating farmer Bert (Tige Andrews) went out to smash up the stage, got hit by lightning, and turned into a werewolf, because reasons.

So the band's only female member, Beckie (Belinda Balaski), gets kidnapped by the werewolf because she's the only female member. The police try to set up a trap with the band. They'll play their loud rock, the werewolf will come to kill them, and the police will nab him. But the werewolf escapes because the movie isn't quite long enough and doesn't have a car chase. So, the werewolf grabs Beckie and carjacks a convenient dune buggy before getting shot and killed.

Somehow American Bandstand host Dick Clark executive produced the whole mess.


  • Tom, leader, guitar (Robert Weaver)
  • Beckie, guitar (Belinda Balaski)
  • Dave? (Andrew Stevens)
  • ?
  • ?, drums, (Danny Michael Mann)

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