Los Hippy-Loyas

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Los Hippy-Loyas-AlbumCover.png
Fake hippy love-power band from the 1969 Spanish film Una vez al año ser hippy no hace daño (roughly translated, "It doesn't hurt to be a hippy only once a year.").

A rascal named Johnny (Tony Leblanc) takes up with the sedate folk trio Flor de Lis y los Dos del Orinoco and converts them into a hot beat act by singing in English and pretending they're from Liverpool.


  • "Love, Love, Love"
  • "Mi Casita de Papel"
  • "Ama y Odia"
  • "Los Negros con las Suecas"


  • Johnny (Tony Leblanc)
  • Lisarda aka "Flor de Lis" (Conchita Velasco)
  • Ricardo (Alfredo Landa)
  • Silvestre (Manolo Gómez Bur)

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