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Prince Kerry Revealing Romances.png
Young babyfaced crooner from the "Crooner's Sweetheart" story of Ace romance comic book Revealing Romances #4 (March 1950).

A naive small-town dreamer from Mill Creek Junction, he's scooped early by slick New York talent agent Earl Tracy, who takes him away from supportive home town childhood sweetheart/fiance Betty Weston. When she comes to the Big Apple, she finds him performing drunk at 11:30 in the morning. Tracy calls her a little country mouse and a gold digger, and accuses her of wanting to sabotage his career. She runs off and lies to a reporter that she and Prince are married.

Eventually Prince and Weston come to their small town senses and reunite.

The story was also reprinted in Love Experiences #38 (June 1956).

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