Kenny McCormick

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From the "Quintuplets 2000" episode of animated TV series South Park (26 April 2000). The kids are forced to go see the Cirque du Cheville (a Cirque du Soleil parody) and are bored stiff. However, after being impressed by the final act, the contortionist Vladchick Quintuplets, and how much the place makes on souvenirs, they decide to create their own circus to make money. Kenny is chosen to be the singer, he practices, and reads Singing Like Bocelli for Dummies. When an instructor tells him he must go to a European conservatory to be a real singer, he sings for bus and air fare all the way to Romania to join the Romanian School of Music, where he becomes an acclaimed, classically trained opera singer. He becomes so good, they ask him to stay. And he does. Only his dad, back in America, with prodding from the U.S. government, demands he come back to the U.S., in a parody of the Elian Gonzalez saga. And then, as usual, Kenny dies.