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Local band from the shamefully short-lived TV 2009-2010 series Party Down on the Starz network. Minor, local band of pretty-boy actor wannabe Kyle Bradway (Ryan Hansen), an employee of the Party Down catering company in Los Angeles.

Kyle sings one of his songs "You Stained Me" to a teen hottie in the laundry room in the first episode, "Willow Canyon Homeowners Annual Party" (20 March 2009). Well, most of it, he's still working on it.

In the "Sin Say Shun Awards Afterparty" episode, he describes his band as "power emo."

The band is mentioned in some other episodes, but finally appears and performs in the final episode, "Constance Carmell Wedding" (June 25, 2010). They play half a song before being stopped. Dim-witted blond, blue-eyed Kyle has unfortunately and inadvertently written a song with a lot of imagery that can be read as referring to the Nazis and the Holocaust. To a roomful of elderly Jews.

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