Kaptain Kool and the Kongs

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Um, maybe I'm wrong, but is having a band name that abbreviates to KKK a good thing? Anyway, this group was created by the Krofft brothers as the hosts of the Saturday morning kids' TV series Krofft Supershow (1976-1978). In the words of Sid Krofft, " ... a group we just put together out of actors who could sort of sing." After two years, they got replaced by the Bay City Rollers. That's show biz!
  • Michael Lembeck was the Fonzie-esque Kaptain Kool
  • Debra Klinger was Superchick
  • Michael McMeel was Turkey
  • Louise DuArt was Nashville.

They had a 1978 album on Epic. There was a fifth member, Flatbush (Bert Sommer) but he was only in the first season and may have been pete-bested.