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King Jina Real Secrets.png
Stage name of singer Jenny Kingdon, in the "Scandal-Marked" story of comic book Real Secrets #2 (November 1949). She's "... begun to be a success in radio in television."

Her fiance Dev Carter is running for the state legislature. They've come to her old home town of Sea City to campaign, but she has mixed feelings. She had to leave town five years earlier due to a scandal when supposedly her lover's wife committed suicide when she found out her husband was having an affair.

When Dev finds out, he breaks their engagement. But the truth is there was no affair, the wife had already been going insane for a year, and the husband hid the truth to whitewash his wife's death. The small local paper prints the whole truth, and Jina ends up with the paper's publisher, and Dev ends up with Jina's accompianist, Mae.

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