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Jeanne The Arrow.png
Band singer from the "Keith Butler" story of Centaur Publishing comic book The Arrow #3 (October 1941). In the convoluted story, told as a flashback of five years ago by an unrelated character, Keith Butler is a promising collegiate football star. He's blackmailed by the mob to lose a big game or else his girlfriend Jeanne will suffer. He wins, and they kidnap her. He searches and searches for two years, until in 1937, he gets a promising lead that requires him to check all the night clubs for a certain goon. Alas:

"Little does Keith know that at this very moment he is passing the very place where JEANNE is working, singing with a band- hypnotized by the gang- and not knowing who she is - or what she is doing!!!"

Finally the narrator brings us into the present, even though his timing is off by three years. High atop a skyscraper, Butler confronts a certain Toby and finds out his girlfriend is singing with an orchestra at The Parisian. Toby accidentally falls to his death, a helpful stranger says he saw it all and will testify to Butler's innocence. It's all to be continued, but The Arrow ceased publication and there was no issue #4. Centaur Publishing went out of business in 1942.

Jeanne (her last name is never given) is fronting a band called Eddie V_(the sign is cut off) and his Orchestra.

Written and drawn by Stanley Allen Drake.

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