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[[Category:Television series|Dinger, Hum]]
[[Category:Television series|Dinger, Hum]]
[[Category:Rock|Dinger, Hum]]
[[Category:Rock|Dinger, Hum]]
[[Category:The Electric Company|Dinger, Hum]]

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Fifties rock and roll act from the "Spidey Fixes the Hum" segment on an episode of The Electric Company. Formerly David Dinger, he forgot the words to a song early in his career and just hummed. It caught on, and he was a big hit until 1960. Then his career hit the skids and he turned into a TV repairman who cheated customers by humming and claiming it was coming from their TV set, then offering to fix it. Spider-Man catches him and reveals his scam.

The episode aired sometime between 1975 when Todd Graff (who plays a kid in the sketch) joined the show, and 1977 when the show ended.

Played by Luis Avalos.

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