Hideaway Hollow Band

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Hideaway Hollow Band Target Comics.png
Hillbilly marching band from the Dan'l Flannel story in comic book Target Comics vol. 6, no. 2 (#58, Apr 1945). They are from the hick mountain town of Hideaway Hollow, and march through their rival town, Homespun Center, leading the Homespun Centerians, led by Dan'l Flannel and Uncle Dud, to immediately go form their own, unnamed marching band.

Flannel challenges the Hideaway Hollowians to a battle of the bands in two weeks' time, but the night before the contest, the Hideaway Hollowese sabotage the Homespun Centrists instruments by filling them with molasses. This forces the Homespun Centaurs to abandon their new-bought brass instruments and fall back on their traditional mountain instruments of "saws, jugs, and fiddles."

This gets the crowd dancing, and wins the contest.

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