Herr Mashumslayer

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Fictional Jew's harp player in the unnamed orchestra playing the bombastic symphony (opus 8421) of fictional composer/conductor Horridnoise, in the far flung future of 1995, from the satirical review "The Symphony in 1995," by K. King, published in 1885, in music magazine The Etude, November 1885 (Volume 03, Number 11). He's likely German, due to the use of the honorific "Herr" which means "Mister" in German.

He plays a larger, bass version of the instrument called a double-bass jewsharp, which is a pretty funny concept.

From the thirty-seventh to the forty-fifth movement we are treated to a little theme for the great double-bass jewsharp, touchingly played by Herr Mashumslayer, with a background of twenty-four steam-worked pyaldryvas for an accompaniment, the treatment of which is in a broad style, bordering on the latest form of a short-hand music writing, the time of which is so quaint, and yet so novel and interesting, that it is soothing to the nerves, after the previous measures.

His first name is not given.

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