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In the "Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?" episode (02 Dec 1965) of monster themed sitcom the Munsters, main character Herman fools around with a tape recorder his son Eddie Munster brings home from a school friend. Herman improvises a version of "Dry Bones" with guitar. Eddie's friend's father is DJ Dick Willet (Gary Owens), who plays it on his radio show for a larf. The track generates tons of mail, and the DJ offers a reward of a 5 year recording contract to find out who it is, to Herman and his family's amazement. Herman claims the reward, and his song goes to number three on the charts. He immediately develops that sitcom disease BHS (Big Head Syndrome), and is supposed to go on TV.

Herman's family gets sick of Herman's egotism, and Grandpa discovers a recipe for "nothin' muffins" and shoots one down his throat, and it makes Herman's voice sound like The Chipmunks. Herman cancels the television appearance, and loses the contract, and goes back to normal.

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