H. Welford Dairies

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Composer and organist from the "Next Seasons Novelties" joke review in vol. 54, no. 846 (Aug. 1, 1913) of The Musical Times, by Harvey Grace.

"Possum Rag," by H. Welford Dairies (Nestle, Cowes).

The gifted organist of the City Temperance Church is well known as a successful writer of dance music. 'Possum Rag' bids fair to join his other successes in the repertoire of our mechanical street musicians. It is no small feat, this of writing strains that shall appeal to the least intelligent and the most criminal sections of the populace. Long may the composer's beneficent muse thus bring sweetness and light into the dark places of our teeming centres of population! We quote the final cadence as an instance of the genial conductor's originality in harmonizing a simple tune. The imitative character of the tenor part in the penultimate bar will not-indeed, cannot possibly-escape the observant reader. It is in such clever touches that the master hand reveals itself. Scholarship is like murder- it will out.

J. Welford & Sons Limited were once the largest dairy in London.

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