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Unsuccessful composer who never had a hit, due to his unerring ability to always back the wrong horse. Also staggeringly long-lived, based on the range of dates he writes about. Even if he wrote his "Confederate Victory Song" as a callow youth, he'd have to have lived to at least age 110 to 120 to then also write about the 1964 election.

The songs, really written by Richard M. Sherman (of Disney's Sherman Brothers) and Milt Larsen appear on several albums:

Smash Flops, a 1959 (1964?) comedy album by The Characters, which makes no mention of Foggy Carbuncle. Track Listing:

  • "Congratulations Tom Dewey"
  • "I Wish I Was In Chicago (On St. Valentine's Day)"
  • "We're Depending On You General Custer"
  • "When The Hindenberg Lands Today"
  • "The Confederate Victory Song"
  • "There'll Always Be Forty-Eight States In The U.S.A."
  • "When Amelia Earhart Flies Home"
  • "Little Rock-That All American Town"
  • "Good Job Well Done Neville Chamberlain"
  • "Sleepy Cafe Cape Canaveral Moon"
  • "Columbus, You Big Bag Of Steam"
  • "Bon Voyage Titanic"

Sing a Song of Sickness (A Pocket Full of Wry) by barbershop group The Crown City Four (also released as Twelve De-Lightful Ways To Roast A Sacred Cow!)

Sherman & Larsen's Smash Flops, which combines tracks from the two above albums.

None of the above mention Foggy Carbuncle. He comes in later, on the album Live from Ledbetters (1965) by folk group The Back Porch Majority, featuring a medley of his tunes with a spoken introduction explaining who Foggy was:

  • "Confederate Victory Song" (1865)
  • "Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Edsel" (1958-1960)
  • "Mr. Krushchev"
  • "Happy Anniversary, Eddie and Liz" (May 12, 1959 – March 6, 1964)
  • "Congratulations, President Nixon" (1959)
  • "George Lincoln Rockwell"
  • "Johnson Victory Song"
  • "Bon Voyage, Titanic" (1912)
  • "Goldwater Victory Song"
  • "When the Hindenburg Lands Today" (1937)

Sherman re-recorded some of the songs for the 2000 release Bon Voyage Titanic and other songs that sank!: Sherman & Larsen's Smash Flops on the Magic Castle label. A 2015 re-release of this album added two new songs.

Foggy's name is a parody of real composer Hoagy Carmichael.

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