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Filburt as Filb
Alter ego of Filburt Turtle, the hypochondriac terrapin co-star of Rocko's Modern Life. In "The Lounge Singer" (first aired 9 October 1994), he enjoys a brief career as a lounge singer. He idolizes singers such as Jonny Karizma, Jack Walla, Frank Salamander, Bobby Gila, and especially Buddy Gecko. After Gecko's self-help tapes help him lose his stage fright, Filb embarks on a tour of such lounge hotspots as Walla Walla, Galveston, and Vegas. His career culminates in a duet with Gecko in Vegas. He then returns home to croon in a local bar. His songs include "Hypochondria" and "Come Crawl With Me" (sample lyrics: "Come crawl with me, bend your prehensile neck my way/And look at me with those diplodopic eyes all day.")