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A namby-pamby sweater and bow-tie wearing pop star/TV host who appeared in the "Night of the Nearly Dead" (24 April 1998) episode of the cult British sitcom Father Ted.

Eoin (Patrick McDonnell) hosts a Lawrence Welky TV show and records albums like Eoin McLovenotes, featuring a cover shot of him dressed as a baby. Housekeeper Joan Doyle (Pauline McLynn) enters his weekly poetry contest and wins a chance to have tea with him. That's when she discovers he's a spoiled brat who compulsively swipes things, eats jam from the jar, thinks of his fans as a "big pile of dirty old biddies," is totally dependent upon his handler Patsy (former Commitments backup singer Maria Doyle Kennedy), and "has no willie." When word gets out about his visit, it inspires all the little old ladies of Craggy Island to converge on the rectory in a kind of Beatlemania-meets-Night of the Living Dead mob scene and inspires Eoin to shriek "go away, I don't want to catch the menopause."

The writers have admitted that he was partly a parody of real singer Daniel O'Donnell.