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From the movie Popstar (2005). Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's little brother, Aaron Carter, stars as JD McQueen is this Disney straight-to-video movie. He's a member of this superhot boy band. He's failing home school, so Mom sends him to public school with the threat: no pass, no summer tour. No tour, and the label will replace him in the band.

There's some clever casting with former 70s teen pop star heart-throbs David Cassidy (Keith Partridge) as his manager and Leif Garrett as a school janitor. McQueen sucks up to the smart girl planning to cheat off her during tests. The stupid thing is that the supposedly "dorky" smart girl is just as hot as the evil pretty girl. Plus the smart girl can't be that smart, 'cause she doesn't even have glasses. Or her hair up in a bun. What's up with that?! Also, Believe it or not, it turns out McQueen has the pop-psych ailment "test anxiety" - LAME!

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