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Donna All Top Comics.png
American opera singer from "The Minstrel Who Sang of Death!" story of comic book All Top Comics #17 (May 1949). She despises emotionally disturbed fellow singer Boris, who is obsessed with her and wants to marry her. They quarrel, and she hits him in throat with a hairbrush. This ruins his voice, and he leaves the opera company to try to regain his voice. Somehow, this involves dressing up like a 17th century minstrel and wandering around the jungles of The Congo playing a mandolin.

Later, Donna turns up in The Congo, heroically tracking Boris down with a rifle because he's committed several murders back in the States. Boris kills her , only it's slowly, so Donna has time to tell local "jungle goddess" Rulah that Boris is a murderous psycho. Rulah avenges her death by taking out Boris permanently.

Donna's last name is never given, but Donna is a good name for an opera singer, since it's part of "prima donna."

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