Darryl and the Chaos

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Darryl McPherson's high school band in the "Hurtin' Inside" episode (04/08/00) of animated television series Baby Blues, based on the reasonably popular comic strip of the same name.

The foursome (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) was in a battle of the bands against such notables as the punky Steve and the Apocalypse and the Jim Morrison-meets-Dylan-meets-bad Nick Cave-esque Flack and the Calamity. D and the C's planned entry was "Becky Won't You Read My Heart," an attempt to woo back a gal who'd thrown over Darryl for tortured jerk Flack. But Darryl quits the show because Flack's band performed first. In a classic sitcom crossing of paths, Darryl later discovers that Flack grew up to be a high school janitor.

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