Claude La Mer

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Baroque American composer with aquaphilia from the classical music parody album Baroque Americana by "The Concertgebluff Authaus Orchestra Society." The music was really by Walter Raim (of folk group The Harvesters) and Stan Green, and likely released in late 1966. The liner notes were written by professional liner notist Tom Carlson.

La Mer's compositions "Erie Fantasia" and "Down in the Water Music" are on the record, and several others mentioned in the notes: "The Royal Waterworks Music," a "Spring" Symphony, "The Fountains of Home," "A Little Rain in the Caipira," and "The Ritual Water Dance." These are all parodies of the titles of real classical pieces: Handel's Royal Fireworks Music (1749), Britten's Spring Symphony (1949), Respighi's Fountains of Rome (1916), Villa-Lobos's "The Little Train of the Caipira" (1930), and de Falla's "Ritual Fire Dance" (1915).

La Mer gargled to death.

"La mer" is French for "the sea."

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