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This fake-band-centered syndicated cable television series from 1981 may have had no more than 13 episodes. It featured Gary Crosby, singer, actor and son of famous singer Bing, as himself, the proprietor of the title store, somewhere in Indiana. Four excited high schoolers stumble on the place, looking for somewhere to rehearse their new, unnamed band.

Gary, feeling nice, rents them a space in his store for a dollar. They sing a song or two every episode, and sometimes Gary sings one, and then bizarrely, sometimes Champ, the brain-damaged doofus who runs the greasy spoon next door even sings.


  • Adam Boyce on guitar and lead vocals (Stephen Schwartz)
  • Mack on drums (David Jackson)
  • Christopher on bass (Benny Medina)
  • Darcie on keyboards and vocals (Nia Peebles, later on the popular tv series Fame)


Three episodes are available on DVD, released in 2007. At least two, two-episode VHS tapes were released back in the 1980s.

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