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[[Category:Animated television series]]
[[Category:Animated television series]]
[[Category:Fictional animals]]
[[Category:Fictional animals]]
[[Category:Fictional extraterrestrials]]

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World famous two cat band of Max and Gark, only they're stuck together like Siamese twins, until Max gets Big Head Syndrome and shaves them apart to go solo. After a rollercoaster one and a half days, they reunite for a reunion show, and re-stick themselves together with "Bin Juice" (the muck at the bottom of dumpsters). Hence the title of the episode, "Bin Juice" (May 16, 2016) of animated kids show Counterfeit Cat.

Only Gark isn't really a cat, he's a crashlanded alien in disguise in a purple cat suit. And the whole Catatonic saga is only a story that Max is telling his disbelieving fellow pets.

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