Bruno Augustin

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Augustin Bruno The Thing.png
Older classical pianist prone to ascots and engaged to younger Cleo Maury in the "Melody of Horror" story of Charlton horror comic book The Thing #5 (Oct-Nov 1952). He can crack glass via sympathetic vibration with his piano playing.

Jealous Jim Shervin, who gets to hang around for some inexplicable reason, gets angry and rigs a pistol with a hair trigger in Augustin's studio. Augustin's playing sets it off, killing him. His death is ruled a suicide, and Shervin starts wooing Maury. When they get engaged, Maury starts seeing Augustin's vengeful ghost. Finally, the ghost plays a tune and uses the sympathetic vibration trick to make a giant chandelier fall and kill Shervin, who confesses to the murder just before he dies.

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