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From the "Binky Rules" and "Meet Binky" episodes (11/09/98) of the animated PBS children's tv series Arthur. In the first, one of the kids, Binky Barnes (voiced by Bruce Dinsmore), gets in trouble because someone's been painting "Binky Rules" on the school walls. The kids turn detective to find out whodunnit, but the answer turns out to be a few overzealous promoters the local DJ hired to promote Finnish band BINKY. The DJ makes it up to them by giving them free copies of the BINKY album, which has their big radio hit (the title is never given), as well as the songs "Goodbye Baxter Norland," and "Snowy Snowy, Slushy Slushy."

In "Meet Binky" the kids are all excited to go a BINKY concert. Arthur Read gets a crappy seat in the nosebleed section, but then finds out his dad is doing the band's catering and gets a free ride backstage. Bitter and vindictive, the usually goody-goody Arthur doesn't invite any of his friends. Backstage he finds out the band is just a bunch of holograms! Manager Svern Smith and his techno-wizard Winston had put the band together with the "Troglodyte 5000" computer and synthesizers. BINKY also made a brief appearance in a fantasy sequence in the "To Beat or Not To Beat" episode (10/18/99). The untitled radio hit is really the song "Matalij Ja Mustii," done by real Finnish band Värttinä.