Alec Stamford

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Former lead singer and guitarist of Reflex from Arthur Phillips's 2009 novel The Song Is You. He attempted to go solo to indifferent success after the band fell apart.

...Alec Stamford, the guitarist and lead singer, certain where the band's appeal had always laid, moved to New York and released a solo album, Still Standing, produced at great expense by a no-fail Grammy-winning hit maker, but no one is perfect. The album could still be found in seventy-five­ cent bins outside Brooklyn bodegas, its mouse-thin spine straining for attention.

Stamford lived for occasional royalty checks from ASCAP­-briefly plumper when the movie Sugar Girl evolved to DVD and then again when the song "Sugar Girl" was rerecorded with a female singer and new lyrics for a commercial for Sugar Swirl Donuts. Stamford rerecorded "Ten Minutes to Midnight" himself for an ad for the Chevy Syncope.


Subsequent efforts to write pop music battered him. Too old and slow to catch the crests of musical fashion, not confident enough to ignore them, never sure if he was "advancing," imitating or parodying himself, he finally quit and, in self­punishment, hit clubs to check out new bands, then Googled them after the shows, then, inevitably, auto-Googled, too.

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