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Later "4 Evah & Eva." A four-piece garage band formed by April Patterson in Lynn Johnston's long-running comic For Better or For Worse. The band began playing together in the 20 January 2003 strip and got their name in the 28 January 2003 strip. In the second strip of the story arc, the band members suggested other names: "Phatchance," "Venomous," and "Peacebeings."

The band consisted of April on guitar, Becky McGuire on keyboards and vocals, Gerald Forsythe/Delaney (Johnston used both last names at different times) on drums, and Duncan Anderson on bass. They competed in a battle of the bands during a February/March 2004 story arc. They went up against several other bands and musicians, only one of whom was named (a pianist, Parm Kaur Singh). Because of a busted guitar string, they bombed.

Becky later left for a solo gig as "Rebecca" or "Rebeccah" (consistent naming is apparently un-Canadian) and was replaced by Luis Guzman (keys) and Eva Abuya (vocals—hence the change to "4 Evah & Eva").