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==Hey I Did A Podcast==
Hey, I was on a podcast for the [ Not in Hall of Fame] website, which has added a fictional Rock and Roll hall of fame, making us the equivalent of two guys who show up at a party wearing the same shirt. It was fun talking with them: 
[ CLICK HERE for podcast].

== '''5,000 Articles!''' ==
Thanks to everyone who ever contributed, because we have officially hit FIVE THOUSAND articles! In fact, we currently have: '''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}'''

Read more in our press release here: [[Image:2019_Rocklopedia_Fakebandica_5K_Press_Release.pdf]]

=='''The Wikipedia Fakebandica'''; or '''Rocklopedia Fakebandica 2: Electronic Bookaloo'''==

Hello and welcome to '''The Rocklopedia Fakebandica'''! It's a wiki, because there's just too dang many fictional bands out there for one person to keep up with! 

Click here to find out [[Help:Starting a new page|HOW DO I ADD A BAND?]]

Use the search box on the left there, or [[:Category:Years|Browse by YEAR]] | [[:Category:Media Type|Browse by MEDIUM (TV, film, etc.)]] | [[:Category:Contents|Browse by CATEGORY]]

This site is under a Creative Commons license. 

Want to add some bands? [mailto:&amp;#114;&amp;#111;&amp;#99;&amp;#107;&amp;#108;&amp;#111;&amp;#112;&amp;#101;&amp;#100;&amp;#105;&amp;#97;&amp;#64;&amp;#118;&amp;#103;&amp;#103;&amp;#46;&amp;#99;&amp;#111;&amp;#109; Email] for a login. Post spam or made up stuff and you'll be banned.

Rules? Sure, a few: 
*Keep it real. - Please only bands/musicians from published sources. There's plenty out there; you don't need to make up any on your own. Cite as much source information as possible.
*Keep it honest. - Please don't cut and paste other people's work. Quoting a modest chunk of source material for context is fine, just credit it.
*Keep it clean. - Please only use four letter words when they are direct quotes, or part of a band's name, lyrics, album title, etc.

The old, old site is [ right here], but is no longer updated.

== Social stuff ==
Want to chat about fake bands and generate content for Mark Zuckerberg to sell to advertisers? [ Like us on Facebook!]

== Getting started ==
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* Consult the [ User's Guide] for detailed information on using the wiki software.
* [ Rock Fiction pathfinder]

==External Links==
*Order the [ print version from Amazon]
*Ross, Alex. &quot;[ Imaginary Concerts: The music of fictional composers.]&quot; ''The New Yorker''. August 24, 2009.
*Brown, K. D. (Ed.), ''[ An Annotated Bibliography and Reference List of Musical Fiction]'' Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, 2005.
*Gibbs, John R. &quot;[ A Bibliography of Musical Fiction].&quot; University of Washington, Seattle.
*Whitman, Brian. &quot;[ Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names].&quot; from: Ellis, Daniel, Brian Whitman, Adam Berenzweig and Steve Lawrence. &quot;[ The Quest For Ground Truth in Musical Artist Similarity].&quot; In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Music Information Retrieval. [ 13-17 October 2002], Paris, France.
*[;printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&amp;q&amp;f=false ''The Encyclopedia of Musicians and Bands on Film'', Melissa U. D. Goldsmith, Paige A. Willson, Anthony J. Fonseca; Rowman &amp; Littlefield, 2016]

Rabinowitz, Peter. &quot;Fictional Music: Toward a Theory of Listening.&quot; Theories of Reading, Looking, and Listening. Bucknell University Press. 1981.


*1876, ''A Trip to Music-land : a fairy tale forming an allegorical and pictorial exposition of the elements of music''. by Shedlock, Emma L.
*1893, ''The Musical Journey of Dorothy and Delia'' by Bradley Gilman, illustrated by F. G. Attwood;printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&amp;q&amp;f=false
*1910, ''The Glass Mender and Other Stories''. By Maurice Baring
*1917, ''Prince Melody in Music Land'', by Elizabeth Simpson
*1921, ''In Music land. Play for children'' by Brockett, Alice Whitney. Foreword acknowledges ''Musical Journey of Dorothy and Delia''.
*1925, ''Alice in Orchestralia'' (AKA ''Alice in Orchestra Land''). By Ernest La Prade. 
*1927, ''La-La Man In Music Land'', Piano Notes by Colleen Brown Kilner 
*1929, ''Marching Notes'' (AKA ''Alice in Music Land''). By Ernest La Prade. Sequel to Alice in Orchestralia.
*1929, ''The Little Princes of Music Land'', by Elizabeth Simpson 
*1935, ''Music Land'', Director  Wilfred Jackson, Film series  Silly Symphony. Producer Walt Disney
*1972, ''Why not? A journey through music land!'', Dorothy L Mavrich,

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